JAE AERATION and its distributors offer advanced fine bubble aeration solutions including mass transfer calculations and basin & lateral pipe system design up to the top of the aeration tank. We offer complete solutions featuring fine-bubble & coarse-bubble membrane diffusers in conjunction with stainless steel or PVC lateral piping and header pipes.

Our experience and innovation have presented opportunities in the system supply for complete Biological Nutrient, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Removal for new & existing facilities.

Our JAE-Oxy... diffuser lines & models, integrated into our OxyMix™, BioCube™, and OxyLift™ technologies, offer unique solutions for municipal and industrial WWT. In addition, the user-friendly system design allows low-cost, creative options for retrofitting existing oxidation ditch facilities, with the benefit of up to 50% power consumption reduction and low O&M.


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