Fine-Bubble Disc Diffuser

In the US & Canada, the ceramic disc diffuser was the diffuser of choice and it was gradually replaced by the Jaeger-Family created fine-bubble membrane disc diffuser design. The JAE OxyDisc™ diffuser design became the market standard.

JAE-OxyDisc™ OD Series: Most common fine bubble diffuser type used in the past.

ECO-10: Flagship model. Most versatile of the JAE OxyDisc™ OD Series disc-diffusers offered by JAE AERATION. Maintains the highest efficiency across a wide range of airflow due to orifice-plug technology.

Fine-Bubble Tube Diffuser

The tubular diffuser was the technology of choice in Europe. We applied our extrusion process technology expertise and developed the tube diffuser initially for the European market. The tube diffuser offers an increase in surface area per lateral connection and it enables a vast reduction of lateral air piping compared to disc diffusers. JAE AERATION helped introduce the tubular fine bubble EPDM rubber membrane to the North American and international markets.

JAE OxyTube™ OT 62/2000 FF Series: Increase in membrane area. Reduction of lateral air piping. Anchoring directly to air piping. Supported by clamshell attachments 1.0m up to 1.5m length per side or 2.0m up to 3.0m length per pair.

Fine-Bubble Membrane Strip Diffuser

We developed the OxyStrip™ by combining the benefits of small diameter disc diffusers with the extrusion technology and system advantage of the tubular diffusers. Our OxyStrip™ is a unique product which provides higher oxygen transfer efficiencies compared to the OxyDisc™ or OxyTube™. It allows the fine bubbles to remain intact and avoid coalescing into larger bubbles over a wide airflow range / system turndown. The membrane extrusion process and the membrane support mechanism provide a reduced diffuser count in the aeration basin and allows for Load Sensitive Aeration. The OxyStrip™ offers up to 20% power savings by its certified high SOTE performance and wide turndown range.

JAE OxyStrip™ OS 160/2000 FF Series: Fusion of disc & tube technology = efficiency of disc technology + economy of tube technology. Diffusers are anchored independently from lateral air piping system. Support brackets mount directly to basin floor or can be attached to retrievable rack assemblies (see Systems & Solutions)

This technology boasts a possible 8 : 1 turndown / diffuser airflow range.